"Service to many leads to greatness” is the motto that directed my path early on.  As a result I have sort out positions and roles that would better allow me to serve others.  From the classroom to Corporate America I have been fortunate enough to work with a great many of people who have taught me the power of being a servant leader, the incredible effects of motivation and the biggest dividends yield when you teach and invest in your people.

No matter what field of endeavor that we are in, we are ultimately in the people business.  Working in the people industry for over a decade I have come to learn that my Talent is leading, motivating and teaching others.  However, I have been limited in my ability to impact the masses… until now.  My mission is to "help others become a better version of themselves” and I have come to learn that process first begins with realizing what your Purpose is.  It is truly a joyous feeling once you understand the Purpose God gave you.  There are so many people who have Talents and Gifts but are 1) unaware of their Purpose or 2) afraid of moving their feet.  It is at this junction that I have been placed.  We all have a Purpose and mine is to help you get closer to yours...    

To God Be The Glory!

Jay The Motivator