Dreams (Part 4)

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What would you say to your younger self at that point you gave up on your Dream?

This is probably the most poignant question of the series. Yet it was necessary to work our way here. So if this is the first article that you are coming across don't cheat the process, start from the beginning. Imagine for a moment that you have the opportunity to go back to that exact moment that you gave up on your Dream. Knowing what you know now what would you say to yourself? Would you tell yourself to not stress over trying to realize your Dream. That living a life without your Dream is bearable, that giving up on your Dream may hurt for a little while but as time goes on the pain will fade. That whenever you see someone else living their Dream you will attribute it to them being lucky or supremely talented and gifted. These excuses may help you sleep at night but your Dream will never come. 

Or will you do the the hard thing?  Will you fight for your Dream? Will you endure the pain to ensure your Dream becomes a reality? Will you tell yourself of the pains of mediocrity, the pain of settling, the pain of giving up the thing that was truly meant for you? 

Well if you chose the later I have some good news for you. You are never too old to Dream. Although you may have given up on your Dream before that doesn't mean that you cannot Dream anew. This time strengthened with new resiliency, new courage, new understanding of Purpose, this time you can turn your Dream into a reality. 

It's time you have a conversation with yourself.


Jay The Motivator