Dreams (Part 2)

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What caused you to give up on your Dream?

Last time we spoke about Dreams and we acknowledged that the Dream that you have now is probably different than the Dream you had when you were younger. And I know some may say that "I was too young to really know what I want" or "It wasn't realistic for me to Dream about being The President of the United States or the Greatest Wide Receiver or The Baddest Man on the Planet." These men that became and fulfilled their Dreams, did not give into the notion that these Dreams are unrealistic. Each had things stacked against them on why they should not be able to realize the achievement of their respective Dream. History dictated that a Black man could not be President of the United States. In over 200 years there was not 1 Black candidate to represent one of the major political parties. Yet and still he held onto his Dream. Jerry Rice played wide receiver for a smaller school in college and was thought of as being too slow to be an elite wide receiver. Yet and still he held onto his Dream. Mike Tyson grew up in one of roughest neighborhoods in Brooklyn. He molded to his surroundings and was a delinquent being arrested over 30 times as a youth resulting in him being sent to a juvenile detention center. Yet and still he held onto his Dream. 

What is the adversary to your Dream? What excuse are you allowing to keep you from achieving your Dream? Muggsy Bogues at 5'3" did mot let his height deter him from playing in the NBA. Usain Bolt at 6'5" breaks the mold for a traditional sprinter and has dominated the field in spite of his "disadvantage".  What is the difference between those who have achieved their Dreams and the you who quit? Instead of focusing on what they lack (height, speed, a good background) they focused on what they DID have. 

So what is your Dream now? Looking to be your own boss, visit 100 countries in the world, climb Mount Everest. Instead of focusing on your lack of capital, or your inability to speak multiple languages or your lack of experience. Focus on what you do have, great sales ability, contacts in other countries, a trainer who has climbed  mountains before and above all a determination that will not allow you to quit. 

Its time to go ALL IN! Pursue your Dream with an undying fervor and all the Passion you can muster!   

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Jay The Motivator