Dreams (Part 3)

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At what exact moment did you decide to give up on your dream?

Last time we spoke about what was the cause of you giving up on your Dream. With that we took a step closer to where the magic happens. This time we are going to take a look at WHEN you decided to give up on your Dream. Now at first glance it may be a question easy to dismiss. Like "that was so long ago, how am I gonna remember an exact moment". Get out of your own way. Its been my experience that people have a vivid recollection of when they quit their Dream.   So what was that moment for you? Was it when you were cut from the basketball team? Were you fired from your Dream job or have the company you create to live your Dream go bankrupt? Did life ever maim you, taking with it your left arm but never your Passion?  Michael Jordan went through it but did not quit, Walt Disney went through it but did not yield, Bethany Hamilton went through it and did not give up.  What is the difference between them and that You?  A decision.  They decided that no matter the obstacle, circumstance or impediment they would NEVER give up on their Dream and you did not.  They decided to go ALL IN and you did not!

Maybe your moment was not as traumatic or violent yet the moment your Dream died is hugely impactful and life changing. I encourage you to be brave and relive that moment because next week we will conclude our Signature Series - Dreams.

#BeBrave #ALLIN

Jay The Motivator