Chartering the Course (Part 3)

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Now you know your destination and you are on the road following those breadcrumbs. Which is great now that you know the way. However, knowing the way and going the way are two distinct things. Knowing the way is the easy part. In school to get an "A" in the class you have to average an "A" on all assignments and tests. Simply get a 100 on everything and you're there! Yet how many of us actually do that? What's the disconnect? We have the destination in mind, we know the road to getting there yet traveling that road is what separates the "A" students from everyone else. In life it separates those who accumulate wealth from those chained to debt. So what is so difficult about traveling this road? What are the road blocks that try and divert us from our path? Probably the biggest one, Fear. Fear is that initial road block that tries to keep you from ever starting down the road. Fear makes you believe that its too scary or dangerous to journey down that road and that you are better off staying where you are. Having never attempted anything great but also being on that road when it gets dark. The next road block that you'll encounter is named Distraction. Now Distraction's aim is to divert your focus. Instead of you working solely on moving forward on your road, you start investing your time in Distraction. Yes, it looks beautiful, yes it smells wonderful and you feel good with it but Distraction has only purpose... to keep you from your destination. Lastly, as the name journey implies it will take Time. The road that you will travel down is a long one. It will be most difficult test of your character. Patience, persistence, and commitment are all going to be tested. However, whatever your mind can believe, you can achieve. 


Jay The Motivator