Chartering the Course (Part 4)

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So to recap. You identified what your destination is. You identified which road will lead you there. You even identified what obstacles wait on that road for you. To conclude lets look at what it will take to overcome these roadblocks of Fear, Distraction and Time. 


Now Fear is the first roadblock that many encounter and it normal starts as a butterfly feeling in your stomach yet the more that you focus on that roadblock and hesitate getting passed it the larger it grows. Now people may look for a secret in getting passed fear and make assertions like "picture everyone in there underwear" before you go and speak however the real strength is not in the visualization, although that may help, the strength is in the doing. Doing in spite of. Feeling the fear and doing it anyway. That is where the true power lies. In my high school English class my professor has a quote from the Shakespeare play Julius Caesar that I will never forget. It goes, "cowards die many times before their death but the valiant never taste of death but once." The power of that statement did not occur to me until years later. However, looking back it is one of the most profound statements when it comes to fear. We will all feel Fear, however each time we shrink from that we die a little inside. Yet we have the power of choice! We can choose to be valiant and courageous, to take the road less traveled and act in spite of. 


Tip: To overcome Fear, act in spite of. 


The second roadblock that you'll come across in this journey is Distraction. Now this roadblock you are continuing along your journey and you come across a beautiful oasis. This place has it all, shade, fresh water a great view. This place becomes so popular that more and more people are attracted there. So now you even have company. You start to share your story about your journey and listen to all the stories of your new "friends" of their journey. However, after you have told your story for the 100th time you start to realize you haven't made any progress since you have gotten there. Your next realization is that you have spent 2 years in this "oasis" and what have you purchased with your time? A Distraction! So what do these roadblocks that steal your time look like? For everyone it appears different. For some it can look like social media (Facebook, instagram, snapchat), others it may appear in the form of tv, netflix and hulu. Yet and still for others it can reveal itself as video games (Madden, NBA 2K, Call of Duty), rec league sports, going out to drink or even your phone! So now that you know how sneaky this roadblock is, what now? First identify and then sacrifice. 


Tip: To overcome Distraction, identify and sacrifice. 


The last roadblock, is the one of Time. When you start your journey you are full of enthusiasm and that propels you forward. That energy helps you overcome the initial setbacks that you will encounter. However, eventually that vigor runs out. When it does, what do you rely on to propel you forward? Running a sprint is much different than running a marathon. How you prepare, what muscles you develop, even the food you eat is different. On your journey you are running a marathon. You are not relying on that initial burst to propel you over that finish line. It is not the adrenaline that is going to give you the energy to finish. So what helps a marathon runner finish? Consistency. One foot in front of the next. An extra 2 strides. Shaving 3 seconds off of each mile. More often than not, that is what makes the difference. Those who are not consistent with their training do not finish. Those who are not consistent with improving will fall back with the rest of the pack. Be consistent, shave off those 3 seconds, finish the NY Marathon with the gold instead of silver. 


Tip: To overcome Time, be Consistent and Patient


For those few who are consistent and do in spite of. For those few who are consistent and don't spend time in that "oasis." For those few who are consistent until.  Those are the ones that will overcome the roadblocks of Fear, Distraction and Time.


Jay The Motivator