Preparation (Part 3)

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How long would you be willing to prepare yourself for that 1 moment? 

How long is too long? If it took you 5 years to prepare would that be too long? Would you rather accept never being able to realize your Dream? If it took 10 years to prepare is that pushing the limit? Would you concede your Dream because 3,000 days is too much for you? If you are truly passionate about your Dream these would be silly questions. The answer would be a resounding no! You would do whatever it takes for as long as it takes. So why do our mouths say one thing yet our actions choose otherwise? Because the road is long. It takes hard work and sacrifice to make it down this road and being on it for years can wear on you. So whats refreshes you when the wear and tear becomes too much? Faith, "for with God nothing is impossible." Noah was given a Dream to create an Arc, a vessel larger than a football field. It took him more than 20 years to take this from a Dream to a reality. What if he had given up because it was going to take too long? What if he said he was too old? You have people that you don't even know who are counting on you to bring your Dream to fruition. Build YOUR Arc and declare "I will until!"


Jay The Motivator