Preparation (Part 4)

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What would you be willing to sacrifice?

What is the price you are willing to pay? Would you give up sleep, free time, vacations, hobbies, love? My Mom did. My Mom and Dad separated when I was 5 and after some back and forth my younger brother and I went to live with our Mom. Now we didn't have our own place, we lived in the basement of our Aunt's house. All 3 of us slept on cots here as we didn't have enough money for a bed, let alone a place to stay. However, my Mom Dreamed that her sons would have a better life and so she worked consistently. She was a young nurse and worked as much as she could to provide us with our own place to stay. She did not go out, she did not do weekend getaways, she didn't spend time to get caught up on her tv shows. She worked and sacrificed. That sacrifice paid off a year later when we were able to move into our own apartment on Long Island. Back then, coming from the city if people heard you lived on Long Island they thought you were rich (not the case). She found a way to move closer to her Dream! And this step, no matter how big or small built a lot of confidence. She continued to work, so we could experience things she did not as a child. She took us to Disney World, we experienced life traveling outside of the country, playing organized sports. However, she paid for all these things with 80 hour work weeks, through working 2 and 3 jobs, through sacrifice. 3 years later she was able to purchase a house, still in Long Island for us to live.

A question that comes to me is how a single Mom of two sons can afford to buy a house in one of the most expensive areas in the country. The answer, sacrifice! You can have anything you want if you are willing to pay the cost to get it. Now again the price on that house may have been paid it dollars but the cost was much more. She continued to sacrifice moments and relationships for her Dream of giving her children a better reality.   In a 5 year time frame she took her and her sons from sleeping on cots, living in the basement of a relatives house to purchasing her own and giving her sons their own rooms. That is what sacrifice can do. It can take a family that has a history of both parents (on Mother and Father sides) not being there to raise their children. My Mother sacrificed daily, so my brother and I can go to college. My Mother sacrificed daily, so we could graduate with a bachelor in four years. My Mother sacrificed, so my brother and I could travel the world. My Mother sacrificed, so we can be young black professionals. My Mother sacrificed, so we can understand one of life's greatest lessons. That you can't get everything, but you can get anything if you are willing to sacrifice for it. As a result, she has her Dream fulfilled. Thank you Mommy...


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