Preparation (Part 5)

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Can you bear not to try, and living a mediocre life?

There was a study done about 5 years ago where a nurse recorded the things that people on their death bed most regret. The number one thing was not fulfilling their life Dream. What is the kind of life that you want to create? Would you rather be surrounded by loves on that bed and look back on your life and feel at peace because you know you accomplished what you were meant to or would you be weighed down by regret. When it is time to meet your maker will you say, I know you gave me a Dream, a purpose to accomplish during my life but I decided not to because Scandal/Facebook/security/comfort/others opinions were more important to me than what you wanted...... or would you rather stand in front of Him and have Him say, "Well done". 

You still have breathe in your lungs so it is not too late for you to decide, it is not too late to choose something different.