Preparation (Part 2)

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If living a fulfilling life came down to executing in one moment, how would you prepare?

Now the magnitude of this question may be lost on some, however it is a question of much significance. You can have that moment of opportunity come upon you and because you have done nothing to prepare you do not even recognize it as an opportunity. Or you see it but are unable to take advantage because you did not do the work required before hand. Either way you are left with the reality that you will NEVER live a fulfilling life. Sit with that for a moment. How do you feel about that reality? That you will live out the last 40 years of your life empty, uninspired, and forgettable. If you are ok with this outcome continue your current course, give in to your fears, give in to your distractions, and ignore the discipline of time. 

Of course if this version of the future is not appealing you have the power to change it! 

Start today! How will you go about it? What books would you read? Who will you associate with? What classes would you take? Are you willing to do what it takes for as long as it takes for that one moment?


Jay The Motivator