The "How" (Part 2)

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Sight Unseen


So the trouble with the "How" is that we want to know every aspect of it before we start moving. It seems to make sense when it comes to our Dreams. I have to know step 1 - 20 before I do anything, however life doesn't quite work like that. Imagine getting off from work, getting into your car yet, refusing to drive until all the lights are green between where you are and where you want to be. That sounds a little silly doesn't it? So if it is not practical when it comes to something as simple as going home why apply this unrealistic expectations as great as achieving your Dream? As with any journey things are going to come to you unexpected, opportunities will present themselves that you could never have planned for. Your job then is not to try and predict all of the possible steps that may happen. Your job is simply to continue, to persist, to press forward. Only through your continued action will you be able to reap the rewards that come along with walking by faith and not by sight.