The "How" (Part 3)

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If the "How" is not your business, what is?


If we are unsure how to move what do we do first? The short answer Pray. There is a common colloquialism that says, "If you want to make God laugh tell him your plans." Now although it may seem like just a cute saying it has a profound meaning.

If you take the story of Jonah who was swallowed by the fish, you may experience it more deeply. God spoke to Jonah and gave him a Purpose. However, Jonah resisted it and ran as far away from it as he could. Yet he could only get so far from it before a storm appeared in his life. While on a ship fleeing, God created a violent storm that threatened the well being of everyone aboard the ship. Now as the ship was rocking back and forth through the waves Jonah was fast asleep. He was awakened by his shipmates and he realized that his running was the cause of the storm that they were going through. The shipmates needed to separate themselves from Jonah to avoid the doom that the storm promised to bring to them. Jonah realizing what needed to happened advised that he needed to go into the depths of the storm to get through it.

So what Purpose are you running from? What storms are you creating in your life? Who's life are you endangering because of your resistance?