The "How" (Part 1)

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The "How" is not your business 


So a lot of times with our aspirations for a better life we often become concerned with the how. Yet seldom is the "how" provided. Why is that? Firstly, we must change our expectations of what it looks like to move toward success. Many of us have seen the image of "what we think success looks like and what success really looks like" 



Now if we truly took that to heart what that image is conveying, the set backs and lateral moves would not be such a disappointment. If anything the opposite would be true. Every time we hit a set back that means you have one less obstacle to encounter on your road to Greatness. Every time you have to side step that means you are inching closer to your goal. In sales, there is a saying that the sales process doesn't really start until the prospect sales no. So the top sales people change how they look at that word. For them they get excited about the word no because to them that word means opportunity. They have an opportunity to show the prospect why their particular service would be most beneficial. They have an opportunity to show the prospect that even though the price is higher than a competitor they are getting more value with you. They have an opportunity to dust off their sales techniques and get better at their craft.

You too have an opportunity every time you encounter that roadblock to prove that you are deserving of your Dream. You have an opportunity to be the person required, to be responsible for that Dream. See the Dream is already yours. It was given to you by the Creator for your Special Purpose. The journey is designed not to keep you from it but make sure that when you attain it you have transformed into the "New You", that is big enough to hold that Dream.