The "How" (Part 4)

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If the "How" is unimportant, what is?


What has always been the most part important on a person's journey to become more than what he is, Why. Your Why is the fuel that will keep you going when you encounter thoseobstacles. When you are tired it is your why that gives you energy. When you become distracted again it is your Why that keeps you focused. When you are weary and feel like you can no longer go on, thats right, its your Why that makes the difference. A Why makes the impossible, possible. So what makes for a powerful Why? We use to say that your Why has to be strong enough to make you cry. Initially most may say that their Why is money, however that is not strong enough. What is it that the money will do for you? What lives will the money allow you to impact? These are the things that allow you to continue. Discover your why now. Take a moment and envision what it would be like to ease the concerns of your Mother by being able to pay for her wedding. How would you feel to pay off your Grandmother's mortgage? What would it mean to be able to pay for your baby sister to go to college without a loan?  Hold on to that feeling, that is your Why. It is that feeling that will get you through your trying times. It is that feeling that energizes you when you feel low. It is that feeling that does not allow you to quit. It will be ultimately that Why that gets you from where you are now to where you want to be in the future!