Equipping for your Journey: Travel Agent or Tour Guide

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Travel Agent or Tour Guide


What is the difference between a Travel Agent and Tour Guide? Who would you prefer for your journey?  Thats the question I put for you today. So what are they? A Travel Agent is an expert on the experiences of others. They have never climbed the Himalayas but they can tell you the place most people like to stay when they go. They have never been to the beaches of Hawaii but they can tell you people love to book the zip lining package. A travel agent knows the popular places, they can even tell you how to get there but there is a BIG difference between simply "telling" the way and "showing" the way. 


A Tour Guide is an expect on a particular journey, they have intimate knowledge on their particular area. When at the Himalayas they will show you how to get to the top. When in Hawaii they will show you the best place to watch the sun set over the water. In short they know how to get you through your journey because they have took the journey themselves. So who would you rather entrust your journey to? When the night is the darkness, when the mountain becomes the steepest when the desert becomes the hottest, would you rather have someone who has been through it before with you or one who has booked flights for others to go through it?