Equipping Your Journey: The Pain of Learning

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The Pain of Learning


Have you ever wondered why people do not try new things? At the root of it, is pain. Thats right it is painful to learn something new. Why? The nature of learning is to stretch what you know. And when you stretch you go to the limits of what you know. As a result of going to the edge of your knowledge, you are going to be wrong, you will make mistakes. And unless we have maintained our childlike innocence, each mistake will hurt our pride.  So what will you do? Will you give in to the pain or will your desire allow you persist? If you are having trouble with that proposition, imagine if you gave in to the pain of learning to walk. Imagine if you let the pain of falling kept you on your hands and knees. How much differently would your life have turned out? What would you have missed out on? In that same vein, what are you missing out on because the pain of learning is greater than your desire to persist?

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- Jay The Motivator