Equipping for your Journey: Perspective

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Have you ever really looked out the window of an airplane. Like really looked. When you getting closer to the airport and you look out and see all those tiny houses, neighborhoods lakes and buildings. They appear so small from way up there. You can easily track how to get from 1 part of town to another because of your vantage point. Now what happens when you start to descend. Those small houses and buildings start to grow in size. Those landmarks that seemed so minuscule a couple of minutes ago have grown rather quickly. The paths that you were able to create from one side of town to the other have been obscured. The path is still there however, you can no longer see it because of where you are located. Interesting. The path is still there, you just cannot see it because of where you are located. So if you cannot get back to that vantage point what is the next best thing to do? Imagine for a moment, if you are driving from Atlanta to NY and have never been before what would be invaluable on your journey? A map! (Well now, you may say your map apps but stay with me.) That will help you navigate your way, point you in the right direction, keep you on course. Now once you are actually in NY and are pinpointing exactly where you want to be would you rather just stick with Siri or would you prefer someone who has been to where you want to go before? Would an expert who understands the obstacles specific to your end goal be a value to your journey? If so why do so few of us have them? Join me next week as we explore which is more helpful in your Journey, a Tour Guide or Travel Agent.