Equipping Your Journey: Persistence

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Nothing can take the place of persistence. It is one of the pillars to success. Granted it is one of the least attractive yet without it your house of success cannot stand. Think about it when was the last time you did something perfect thefirst time you did it? Probably never, even Superman struggled the first time he flew.  So the only difference between a master and a disaster is persistence. Persistence will give you time to go through the pain of learning. Persistence will give you the the time needed go through your 10,000 hours. So if persistence is so paramount to our success why do so few of us exhibit this trait. Notice I say exhibit this trait, not have this trait. One of the most persistent creatures on Earth is a baby. When it is hungry it cries and what happens. All of those around the crying baby do whatever they can to get it to stop crying. When a baby needs a diaper changed it cries and again those around the baby do whatever they can to get it to stop crying. However, somewhere along the way those cries turn to words, words then turn to whispers, whispers turn to facial expressions and facial expressions turn into sullen acceptance. We truly are "designed for success but programmed for failure". Your success is crying out for you, persistently pursue it!

- Jay The Motivator